Case Study

Air Traffic Control Tower Wrap

Joseph Graphics partnered with Dubai Metro to wrap trains in visually stunning printed graphics, promoting the Dubai Museum of the Future launch. Challenges included large-scale execution and strict safety guidelines. With an in-house specialized team and cutting-edge printing technology, Joseph Graphics delivered high-quality graphics that left a lasting impact, epitomizing their commitment to innovative solutions.


At Joseph Graphics, we pride ourselves on providing innovative and effective solutions for outdoor advertising and branding. In this case study, we showcase a successful tower wrap project that utilized rope access techniques. This unique approach allowed us to achieve exceptional results for our client, creating a visually captivating display that generated significant social media attention.

Client Background

Our client, Dubai Airports, wanted to promote EXPO 2020 partnership and create a strong brand presence in a highly visible location. They sought an eye-catching advertising solution that would engage a large audience and spark social media buzz.


The primary challenge we faced was the tower's height and difficult access points along with wind. The tower stood tall at 47m x 24m and had limited access to building facade for branding. This made traditional installation methods impractical and time-consuming. Furthermore, the installation site Air traffic control tower was located in a densely secured area, adding logistical complexities and safety considerations.


To overcome these challenges, our team proposed using rope access techniques to execute the tower wrap installation. Rope access, a method widely employed in industrial settings, involves using specialized equipment and highly trained technicians to access and work at height.

Here's how we executed the project

Site Assessment

Our team conducted a comprehensive site assessment, evaluating the tower's structure, height, and surrounding environment. This allowed us to determine the most suitable rope access techniques and equipment required for the installation.

Safety Preparations

Safety was our utmost priority throughout the project. We ensured that all technicians involved were certified and experienced in rope access procedures. Rigorous safety protocols, including the use of harnesses, ropes, and backups, were implemented to mitigate any potential risks
Custom Design and Printing
Working closely with our client, our design team created a captivating and brand-centric artwork that incorporated the client's messaging and imagery. We utilized high-quality printing techniques to ensure vibrant colors and sharp graphics that would captivate the audience.
Rope Access Installation
Our team collaborated with rope access technicians and gave them adequate training to install the vinyl. Equipped with the necessary tools and materials, scaled the tower using specialized ascenders and descenders. They meticulously installed the printed wrap panels, ensuring proper alignment, and overall visual impact.
Quality Assurance and Sign-Off
After completing the installation, our team performed a thorough quality assurance check to ensure the wrap was securely in place and aligned correctly. We conducted a final inspection to verify that all safety measures were in order, and the project was deemed successfully completed.
The tower wrap project utilizing rope access techniques showcased our commitment to finding innovative solutions to overcome complex challenges. By implementing a safe and efficient rope access installation, we delivered exceptional results for our client, generating widespread social media engagement and enhancing their brand presence.

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