Case Study

Dubai Metro Train Wrapping

Joseph Graphics partnered with Dubai Metro to wrap trains in visually stunning printed graphics, promoting the Dubai Museum of the Future launch. Challenges included large-scale execution and strict safety guidelines. With an in-house specialized team and cutting-edge printing technology, Joseph Graphics delivered high-quality graphics that left a lasting impact, epitomizing their commitment to innovative solutions.


At Joseph Graphics, we are dedicated to providing high-quality printing and graphics solutions that leave a lasting impression. In this case study, we showcase a successful project where we partnered with a specialized team to wrap Dubai Metro trains with printed graphics. This collaboration resulted in a visually stunning display that generated significant social media engagement.

Client Background

Our client, Dubai Metro, is a renowned transportation network in the United Arab Emirates. They sought an innovative advertising solution to promote a launch of - Dubai Museum of the future and enhance the overall passenger experience. The objective was to create a captivating visual display that would capture the attention of commuters and spark social media buzz.


The primary challenge we faced was the large-scale nature of the project and the need for precise execution. Dubai Metro trains are massive and require careful planning and coordination to ensure a seamless installation. Additionally, the installation had to adhere to strict safety regulations and guidelines while maintaining the train's functionality without damage the paint during the removal process. Hence material selection was key factor with harsh climatic condition in this region.


To address these challenges, we arranged a specialized in-house team that had extensive experience in vehicle wrapping project. This allowed us to leverage their expertise in executing large-scale projects and ensuring high-quality installations for the train wrapping.

Here's how we executed the project

Design Concept and Approval

Working closely with the client, our design team adapted the artwork to the layout provided by us. We presented the design concept to the client, incorporating their feedback and obtaining the necessary approvals to proceed further.

Production of High-Quality Graphics

Utilizing our state-of-the-art printing technology, we produced vibrant and durable graphics with Environmental friendly ink that would withstand the rigors of outdoor exposure and train operations & cleaning process. Our team employed advanced printing techniques to ensure exceptional color accuracy and sharpness.
Surface Preparation and Cleaning
JG team, in coordination with Dubai Metro's maintenance crew, prepared the train surfaces by thoroughly cleaning and prepping them to ensure optimal adhesion of the graphics. This step was crucial to guarantee a seamless and long-lasting installation.
Precise Installation
JG team meticulously installed the printed graphics on the train surfaces, paying close attention to detail and alignment. Advance techniques, such as heat application and air release technology media, to ensure smooth and bubble-free installations. All installations were carried out with minimal disruption to the train's regular operations.
Quality Assurance and Sign-Off
After completing the installation, a thorough quality assurance check was conducted to verify the durability, adhesion, and overall visual impact of the wrap. The client's representatives, along with JG team, inspected the train wrap and ensured they met the desired standards. Once approved, the project was deemed a success.
he Dubai Metro train wrapping project exemplifies our commitment to delivering outstanding printing and graphics solutions. By partnering with a specialized team, we successfully transformed ordinary trains into captivating mobile billboards, capturing the attention of a vast audience. The project's success was reflected in the significant social media engagement and the positive impact on the client's brand visibility.
At Joseph Graphics, we continue to push boundaries, leveraging our expertise and collaborating with industry specialists to bring unique and memorable experiences to our clients.

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