Case Study

Expo 2020 Sustainable-material

Joseph Graphics, in collaboration with Opportunity Pavilion and Alec Fitout, showcased their commitment to sustainable branding solutions in a successful Expo project. By using recycled materials for canopies and walls and incorporating eco-friendly inks, they aligned with the Expo's sustainability theme while delivering visually appealing and impactful branding.


Joseph Graphics is always up with challenge in providing sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for outdoor / indoor branding. In this case study, we highlight our successful collaboration with Opportunity Pavilion & Alec Fitout to create a printed canopy and walls using recycled materials. This project exemplifies our commitment to sustainability while delivering visually appealing and impactful branding at the Pavilion.

Client Background

Opportunity was a pavilion exhibited during EXPO 2020 Dubai hosting a diverse audience of industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and consumers. They sought a branding solution that aligned with their sustainability goals and showcased their commitment to eco-friendly practices.


The primary challenge was developing a branding solution that aligned with the Expo's sustainable theme while maintaining high-quality visual appeal. Additionally, we needed to ensure that the printed graphics  was durable and recyclable which can withstand indoor conditions during the entire duration of the event.


To address these challenges and deliver a successful outcome, we implemented the following steps:

Material Selection

To align with the sustainability objectives, we chose recycled materials for the canopy and walls. We sourced high-quality materials made from post-consumer waste, such as recycled plastic or fabric which is also recyclable after the use. These materials not only reduced waste but also showcased the Expo's commitment to sustainability.

Design and Printing

Our design team worked closely with Alec team to adapt the design to tapered canopy layout which due to unusual shape of canopy was a challenging part. We incorporated their design images to attract attention and engage the Expo attendees. High quality printing techniques were used to print the graphics.
Installation and Setup:
Our team efficiently installed and set up the printed canopy and wall graphics at the designated. We carefully followed the event guidelines and coordinated with the Expo organizers during the branding process.
The Expo printed canopy and wall branding project exemplifies our dedication to sustainability and innovative indoor branding solutions. By utilizing recycled materials and incorporating eco-friendly inks, we delivered the project successfully to our client.

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