Case Study

Museum of the Future : Illuminated Printed Graphics

Joseph Graphics collaborated with MOTF to create visually captivating illuminated printed graphics for a light box display, promoting the Future Museum launch. By selecting premium materials and employing advanced printing techniques, they engaged the target audience and highlighted the importance of design and high-quality printing in successful brand promotion.


Illuminated printed graphics for a light box display, printed by Joseph Graphics, for launch of MOTF.


They were launching a Future museum that wanted to generate excitement and engage their target audience through social media promotion. They approached Joseph Graphics, an established printing company, to create illuminated printed graphics for a light box display specifically tailored for social media platforms and for visitors from the TOE and other guests from the Emirates tower Hotel.


The challenge was the length of printed graphics and producing visually stunning graphics that would capture the essence of the new museum, align with the brand's image, and effectively promote the collection on social media. The graphics needed to be printed on a material suitable for a light box, ensuring optimal illumination and visibility.


Joseph Graphics closely worked with the marketing team at MOTF to understand the brand's vision, and key messaging to plan the production.
Here's how we executed the project

Material Selection and Printing

To align with the sustainability objectives, we chose recycled materials for the canopy and walls. We sourced high-quality materials made from post-consumer waste, such as recycled plastic or fabric which is also recyclable after the use. These materials not only reduced waste but also showcased the Expo's commitment to sustainability.

Graphic Creation and Customization

To ensure optimal display and illumination, Joseph Graphics recommended a premium translucent material suitable for light box displays. The selected material was chosen to enhance the vibrancy and clarity of the graphics when illuminated.Joseph Graphics utilized state-of-the-art printing technology to produce high-quality prints. They ensured color accuracy, sharp details, and precise reproduction of the graphic design. Special printing techniques were employed to enhance the illuminated effect and create a captivating visual experience.
MOTF collaboration with Joseph Graphics team  successfully created visually stunning illuminated printed graphics for a light box display. This case study demonstrates the importance of strategic design, high-quality printing, and thoughtful promotion in achieving successful results during the opening of the Museum engaging target audiences.

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